Vice-Chancellor for Education


Vice-Chancellor for Education:

More than 2000 students are studying Medical Sciences (Degrees) as a major, from Associate degree to Medical Specialties.

The section in Zabol University of Medical Sciences has five faculties including:


(Including: Combating Disease, General Health and Hygiene, Nutrition science, Environmental Health, Occupational Health, Health Services Management and Family Health)   




(Including: Health Information Technology, Anesthesiology, Surgical Technologist, Medical Laboratory)

-Nursing and Midwifery

(The section manages Practical Nursing Schools for Boys and Girls and an educational hospital called, Amir-al-Momenin)

Fax:     +98 54 32235320

Phone: +98 54 32235322

Deans` Contact Information:

School of Health:          +98 54 32232177

School of Medicine:      +98 54 32232191

School of Pharmacy:     +98 54 32232161

School of Paramedical: +98 54 32232169


Office of Vice-Chancellor for Education, Floor3, Educational Complex , Zabol University of Medical Sciences, ShahidRajaei St, ZABOL , Postal Code: 98616 15881 –IRAN


Last Update At : 12 December 2018