Vice-Chancellor for Food and Drug


Office of the Vice-Chancellor for food and drug acts as an important unit in surveillance on production, the distribution and consumption of drugs, cosmetics, beverages and food. The main responsible of Food Control Quality Laboratory is checking food samples, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, but the office of medical equipment is responsible to distribute the essential and necessary facilities for the hospitals.


The office also includes the following sections:

- Food Control Laboratory

- Office of Surveillance on Narcotic and Drugs

- Office of Surveillance on Medical Equipment

- Office of Surveillance on Foodstuffs and Cosmetics


Essential Contact Information in the section:

Fax:                                  +98 54 32225280

Call Center:                      +98 54 32225883

The Deputy:                     +98 54 32225275

Drug Department:         +98 54 32227652

Address: Office of the Vice-Chancellor for Food and Drugs, Zabol University of Medical Sciences, Next to the Zabol Central laboratory, Shahid Mousavi St, ZABOL-IRAN

Last Update At : 05 December 2018