Vice-Chancellor for Research


Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology:

One of the main purposes of this office is to support researches done by the professors, collegians, staffs and other researchers.

In support of these purposes, this office has special managerial responsibilities which indicates the importance of this section including:

-Prioritization in research affairs

-Paying Research Grant for researchers

-Applied researches in order to solve regional and national problems

-Publishing articles in the International reputable databases such as Web of Knowledge, Pubmed and etc

- Publishing Scientific Quarterly Journals such as I.J.B.S.M and Journal of Diabetes Nursing 

Office of Vice-Chancellor for Research and Technology has sub-categories including:

- Informatics

- Central library

- Office of Scientific Journal

- Research Ethics Committees

- Student Research Committees

- Administration of Research Affairs

- Office of Public relations and communications


Essential Phone Numbers in Research and Technology Unit:

Informatics:                          +98 54 32233088

Central library:                    +98 54 32230774

Research Experts:                +98 54 32230770

Office of Scientific Journal: +98 54 32239031


Office of Vice-chancellor for Research and Technology, Floor 2, Educational Complex, Zabol University of Medical Sciences, Rajaei St , ZABOL-IRAN


Last Update At : 12 December 2018